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ESHQ-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
427-v7 FESHM Chapter 8043 - Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Reporting Program FINAL Dave Hockin FESHM
Environmental Protection Subcommittee
21 Feb 2018
544-v4 FESHM Chapter 8020 - General Program Statement on Waste Management FINAL Dave Hockin FESHM
11 Nov 2014
536-v7 FESHM Chapter 8021 - Chemical and Radioactive Waste Management FINAL Dave Hockin FESHM
31 Jan 2018
422-v7 FESHM Chapter 8023 - General Refuse FINAL Dave Hockin FESHM
Environmental Protection Subcommittee
31 Jan 2018
3954-v1 HWSF RCRA Part B Permit Dave Hockin Hazardous Waste
Permits (includes NESHAPS)
08 Jan 2018
2476-v3 HCTT Chemical Clear Out Program Dave Hockin et al. Environmental
Waste Management
Environmental Protection Subcommittee
18 Dec 2017
1574-v11 FESHM Chapter 8021 Form: Chemical and Radioactive Pickup Request Form Dave Hockin Waste Management
13 Dec 2017
3238-v3 Aerosol Can Disposal Dave Hockin Chemical Waste
02 Nov 2017
3177-v2 Battery Recycling Guidance Dave Hockin Procedures (Env)
Environmental Protection
31 Oct 2017
3551-v1 Environmental Technical Notes 31-40 Dave Hockin et al. Environmental Technical Notes
Radiation Protection
EP Notes
16 Jun 2017
2118-v1 Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Dave Hockin et al. Community Right to Know
TRI (313)
01 May 2017
3040-v1 Annual Hazardous Waste Reports to IEPA Dave Hockin Waste Management
25 Feb 2015
2872-v1 FY14 Waste Volumes to DOE Dave Hockin Waste Management
DOE Waste Management Programs
09 Oct 2014
2824-v1 Emergency Response and Spill Remediation Contractor Dave Hockin Environmental
Waste Management
07 Aug 2014
1338-v4 FRCM: RW Form #031 - Radioactive Waste Certification and Pickup Request Don Cossairt et al. FRCM
22 May 2014
746-v1 Waste Coordinator and Storm Water Pollution Prevention [FN000178/CR/00] Dave Hockin et al. Environmental
Reference Material
Lesson Plans
21 Sep 2009

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