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ESHQ-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
3846-v2 RSO & DSO Coverage & Contact Information John Anderson et al. Radiation Protection
ESH&Q Section (Includes Admin)
19 Feb 2018
3311-v4 FESHM Chapter 2005 - Operational Readiness Clearance - FINAL Eric McHugh FESHM
Fermilab ES&H Committee
08 Feb 2018
347-v8 FESHM Chapter 1080 - Environments, Safety, and Health (ES&H) Requirements for Experiments FINAL Eric McHugh FESHM
Fermilab ES&H Committee
01 Feb 2018
3581-v1 2017 Operational Readiness Clearance Tripartite Eric McHugh Tripartite Audits
10 Jul 2017
1008-v1 PPD Tech Shop Training [PD000001/CR/01] Eric McHugh Industrial Safety
Reference Material
26 May 2017
3221-v1 Hardware cabinet tips due to imbalance caused by too many drawers open at one time Eric McHugh Industrial Safety
Particle Physics Division
31 Mar 2016
3141-v1 Metal Halide Bulb Fails, Shatters Outer Glass Envelope, Hot Glass Shard Chars Wood Crate Eric McHugh Electrical Safety
Electrical Safety Subcommittee
Particle Physics Division
02 Oct 2015
2051-v1 Industrial bridge crane interference with newly installed air handling unit Eric McHugh Subcontractor Safety Subcommittee
Incident Investigation and Analysis
Lessons Learned
Particle Physics Division
03 May 2012

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