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ESHQ-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
3037-v1 Radionuclide Analysis Facility Monthly Reports 2015 Matt Quinn Radionuclide Analysis Facility
02 Jul 2015
1325-v3 FRCM: RP Form #091 - Area RSO Checklist for Radiation Workers Who Have Undergone a Nuclear Medicine Procedure Don Cossairt FRCM
01 Jul 2015
1323-v4 FRCM: RP Form #088 - Medical Procedures Involving Radioactive Material Don Cossairt FRCM
01 Jul 2015
1543-v62 ESH&Q Section Org Chart Cindy Rogers ESH Management
01 Jul 2015
208-v37 ESH Organization at FNAL Martha Michels ESH Management
10 Oct 2014
3093-v3 Counterintelligence Training [FN000519/CB/01] Joel Kofron Lesson Plans
29 Jun 2015
103-v1 NPDES Permit IL0026123 Katie Kosirog Permits (includes NESHAPS)
23 May 2011
3095-v1 Records Management Training [FN000466/01/CB] Heath O'Connell Lesson Plans
25 Jun 2015
1172-v4 FESHM Chapter 10170 - Fermilab Aviation Safety Policy FINAL Chuck Morrison FESHM
24 Jun 2015
1400-v4 Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan for NPDES Permit Katie Kosirog Permits (includes NESHAPS)
25 Jun 2014
2605-v1 1 Nepese Marsh Upgrades NEPA-CX FSO Approval October CY2013 Michael Weis NEPA
Facility Engineering Services Section
Environmental Protection Subcommittee
23 Jun 2015
1595-v3 TD village wastewater discharge permit Bridget Scerini Technical Division
Permits (includes NESHAPS)
23 Jun 2015
3072-v3 Pressure Relief Valve Incident at Proton Assembly Building PAB 5/5/2015 Terry Tope Mechanical Safety Subcommittee
Incident Investigation and Analysis
Lessons Learned
23 Jun 2015
2284-v4 PPD Emergency Warden Refresher Angela Sands Emergency Preparedness
Particle Physics Division
23 Jun 2015
705-v14 Construction Management & Safety [FN00303M/CR/01] John Cassidy Reference Material
19 Jun 2015
2638-v2 Assurance Council Charter TJ Sarlina Contractor Assurance
18 Jun 2015
2637-v2 Assurance Council Core Membership TJ Sarlina Contractor Assurance
18 Jun 2015
754-v1 ICPA Wastewater Pretreatment Permit Katie Kosirog Technical Division
Permits (includes NESHAPS)
18 Jun 2015
910-v8 NuMI/MINOS Underground Safety Training [FN000380/CR/01] John Cassidy Reference Material
18 Jun 2015
452-v4 FRCM Chapter 10 - Radiation Safety Interlock Systems - FINAL Don Cossairt FRCM
17 Jun 2015
2275-v3 FESHM Chapter 2001 - Environment, Safety & Health for Projects FINAL Don Cossairt FESHM
17 Jun 2015
362-v11 FESHM Chapter 5031.1 - Piping Systems (Work Smarts Standard) FINAL Terry Tope FESHM
17 Jun 2015
1229-v5 FESHM Chapter 5031.1 Form: Piping Engineering Note Terry Tope FESHM
17 Jun 2015

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