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ESHQ-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
3206-v2 Issuing Temporary Dosimetry Badges [FN000428/CR/01] Susan McGimpsey Lesson Plans
10 Jan 2018
3095-v2 Records Management Training [FN000466/01/CB] Heath O'Connell Lesson Plans
20 Oct 2017
3354-v4 Export Controll Awareness [FN000540/01/CB] Brian Niesman Lesson Plans
18 Sep 2017
281-v1 RCT Training: Overview of Fermilab's Price Anderson Amendments Act (PAAA) Program [FN000346/CR/01] Don Cossairt et al. TRAIN
Health and Safety Rule 851
Radiation Protection Program 10CFR 835
Lesson Plans
09 Jun 2015
3616-v1 Operating the Clinac 2100 - [FN000549] Susan McGimpsey TRAIN
Lesson Plans
02 Aug 2017
3590-v1 Hosting Non-U.S. Nationals FN000458 Nicole Gee Lesson Plans
12 Jul 2017
3328-v2 Mu2e Hazard Awareness Training [PDMC2001] Dee Hahn Lesson Plans
14 Jun 2017
2810-v17 MC-1 Hazard Awareness Training [PDMC1001/CB/01] Angela Aparicio Lesson Plans
Particle Physics Division
09 Jun 2017
19-v13 Fermilab Functions Presentation Martha Michels ESH Management
Lesson Plans
23 Mar 2017
3394-v1 Controlled Access Updates - Lifting Interim Rules Don Cossairt Radiation Protection
24 Feb 2017
1883-v5 ESH&Q New Course Number Form Joel Kofron Forms
15 Feb 2017
1741-v9 FermiWorks Data Entry Personnel Jody Federwitz TRAIN
13 Jan 2017
3093-v6 Counterintelligence Training [FN000519/CB/01] Joel Kofron Lesson Plans
05 Jan 2017
3324-v2 Wallflower Upgrade Information - November 2016 Don Cossairt Other
16 Nov 2016
3325-v1 HIPAA Privacy Training Joel Kofron Lesson Plans
11 Nov 2016
3323-v1 OX-03 Oxygen Monitor Operating Instructions Rob Bushek Other
10 Nov 2016
1789-v2 Pressure Safety Orientation [FN000271/CR/00] Michael White TRAIN
Reference Material
Lesson Plans
22 Jul 2016
3213-v4 Sexual Harassment Awareness and Prevention for Fermilab Users, Visitors and Contract Employees [FN000531/CB/01] Barb Brooks Lesson Plans
27 Jun 2016
3115-v4 Training Group Contacts David Baird Other
17 Jun 2016
2574-v2 Cryogenic Safety Training (General) Arkadiy Klebaner Lesson Plans
06 Jun 2016
2151-v5 Procard Refresher Training [FN000484/CB/01] Pamela Noyes Lesson Plans
05 Apr 2016
1153-v2 Fall Protection Orientation [FN000304/CR/01] Tom Gibbs TRAIN
Reference Material
Industrial Safety
Lesson Plans
21 Mar 2016
268-v7 Electrical Safety in the Workplace (NFPA 70E) [FN000385/CR/01] John Anderson et al. TRAIN
Lesson Plans
Electrical Safety
Electrical Safety Subcommittee
01 Mar 2016
3187-v2 Mentor Training [FN000525] Tanja Waltrip Lesson Plans
29 Jan 2016
3142-v4 Outside vendor training procedures Evelyn Aponte ESH&Q Section (Includes Admin)
03 Dec 2015
2281-v1 OBSOLETE: Suspect/Counterfeit Item Identification Training Material [FN000415] TJ Sarlina Lesson Plans
03 Sep 2015
910-v9 NuMI/MINOS Underground Safety Training [FN000380/CR/01] Mike Andrews Lesson Plans
08 Jul 2015
2267-v5 Radiological Worker - Classroom [FN000470/CR/01] Joel Kofron Lesson Plans
07 Apr 2015
1742-v7 Training Contacts Joel Kofron TRAIN
25 Feb 2015
2922-v1 Tech Shop Safety Handout [FN000258] Rich Ruthe Lesson Plans
03 Feb 2015
878-v4 Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety [FN000213/CR/00] Rafael Coll TRAIN
Industrial Safety
Lesson Plans
22 May 2014
2745-v1 ESH&Q Resources Joel Kofron Lesson Plans
07 Apr 2014
2707-v1 FEMA IS-100.FWA Intro to Incident Command System [FN000391/CR/01] David Esterquest Lesson Plans
25 Feb 2014
2706-v1 Local Radwaste Coordinator Training Tony Busch Lesson Plans
12 Feb 2014
2636-v1 Fermi Vital Records Training [FN000499] Heath O'Connell Lesson Plans
21 Nov 2013
2282-v1 OBSOLETE: Suspect/Counterfeit Item Identification - [FN000415/CB/02] None Lesson Plans
05 Nov 2013
2283-v1 OBSOLETE: Suspect/Counterfeit Item Program - [FN000416/CB/02] None Lesson Plans
05 Nov 2013
2586-v1 S/CI Program Training Material Kathy Zappia Lesson Plans
24 Oct 2013
2585-v1 S/CI Identification Training Material Kathy Zappia Lesson Plans
24 Oct 2013
2191-v1 Transportation and Lifting of Liquefied Gas Dewars Handout Arkadiy Klebaner Industrial Safety
Lesson Plans
20 Sep 2012
2142-v1 Emergency Warden Training for Accelerator Division Mike Andrews Lesson Plans
11 Jul 2012
1344-v2 Subcontractor and GERT Training Documentation Martha Michels Safety and Industrial Hygiene
ESH&Q Section (Includes Admin)
16 May 2012
1529-v4 Building Manager Training [FN000468/CB/01] John Cassidy TRAIN
Reference Material
Lesson Plans
28 Jun 2011
1138-v1 1 MINERvA Test Beam Detector Project NEPA-CX Approval June CY2010 Mark Bollinger NEPA
Fermi Site Office
Fermilab ES&H Committee
Particle Physics Division
16 Mar 2011
1166-v1 1 Illinois Accelerator Research Center NEPA-CX Approval July CY2010 Mark Bollinger NEPA
Environmental Protection Subcommittee
Facility Engineering Services Section
16 Mar 2011
911-v1 Service Coordinator Orientation [FN000319/CR/01] Rafael Coll TRAIN
Reference Material
Lesson Plans
11 Dec 2009
746-v1 Waste Coordinator and Storm Water Pollution Prevention [FN000178/CR/00] Dave Hockin et al. TRAIN
Reference Material
Lesson Plans
21 Sep 2009
745-v1 Environmental Management Systems Senior Management Training [FN000378/CR/01] Eric Mieland TRAIN
Lesson Plans
21 Sep 2009
744-v1 EMS Team Training [FN000367/CR/01] Eric Mieland TRAIN
Lesson Plans
21 Sep 2009
288-v1 Safety for NERP Investigators [FN000376/CR/01] Rod Walton TRAIN
Lesson Plans
08 Jun 2009

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