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ESH-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
6076-v2 Travel Guidance for Travel During COVID Amber Kenney COVID 19
24 Sep 2020
6020-v5 COVID-19 Slide Library Amber Kenney COVID 19
23 Sep 2020
6037-v1 Telecommuting Task Library Amber Kenney COVID 19
31 Aug 2020
5486-v4 COVID19 Amber Kenney COVID 19
Emergency Management
31 Aug 2020
1543-v142 ES&H Section Org Chart Amber Kenney ESH Management
28 Aug 2020
5518-v18 COVID-19 ES&H Information and Requirements Angela Aparicio et al. Safety & IH
07 Aug 2020
5325-v1 Cryogenic Safety Subcommittee Meeting Minutes FY2020 Amber Kenney Cryogenic Safety Subcommittee
16 Jan 2020
5407-v1 Department of Energy Approvals Amber Kenney DOE Assessments
07 Jan 2020
4852-v1 Self-assessment of HPI Implementation Amber Kenney HPI
17 Dec 2019
5139-v2 ES&H, Emergency & Security Policies Amber Kenney ESH Management
21 May 2019
2118-v1 Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Dave Hockin et al. Community Right to Know
TRI (313)
29 Jan 2019
423-v7 FESHM Chapter 8030 - Chemical Releases - Spill Prevention and Response FINAL Amber Kenney FESHM
Environmental Protection Subcommittee
21 Feb 2018
424-v3 FESHM Chapter 8040 - Specific Chemical Concerns FINAL Amber Kenney Drafts
29 Dec 2010
524-v8 FESHM Chapter 1011: Environment, Safety and Health Expectations when Working at Laboratories other than Fermilab FINAL Amber Kenney FESHM
Fermilab ES&H Committee
31 Jan 2018
1671-v2 Oil Handling Refresher Training - slide presentation Amber Kenney Environmental
Environmental Protection
28 Dec 2017
2476-v3 HCTT Chemical Clear Out Program Dave Hockin et al. Environmental
Waste Management
Environmental Protection Subcommittee
18 Dec 2017
1269-v2 FESHM Chapter 8031 Form: Diked Area Drainage Amber Kenney FESHM
20 Feb 2017
1268-v2 FESHM Chapter 8031 Form: Monthly Inspection Amber Kenney FESHM
20 Feb 2017
1453-v4 What Can TRAIN Do for YOU? Amber Kenney Division/Section
28 Oct 2013
2474-v1 LHC CMS Upgrade CX Approval Amber Kenney NEPA
Environmental Protection Subcommittee
10 Jul 2013
2455-v1 Various Demolitions 2013 NEPA-CX Approval June CY2013 Amber Kenney NEPA
Environmental Protection Subcommittee
11 Jun 2013
2441-v1 US Forest Service Gypsy Moth Mating Disruptor Aerial Application 2013 - NEPA Review Amber Kenney Fermi Site Office
Aviation Safety
29 May 2013
2310-v1 FESHM Chapter 8080 Form: New or Modified Air Pollution Emissions Source Amber Kenney FESHM
04 Jan 2013
913-v3 LIFETIME OPERATING PERMIT - NESHAP and NSPS SOURCE - ISSUED 4/24/12 Amber Kenney Permits (includes NESHAPS)
Business Services Section
Computing Division
Accelerator Division
Facility Engineering Services Section
Particle Physics Division
14 Sep 2012
168-v2 Computer Workstation Ergonomics [FN000324/CR/01] Amber Kenney Reference Material
08 Aug 2012
1722-v2 Fermilab's GHG Inventory, Presentation to FRA ES&H Committee Amber Kenney FRA
Environmental Protection
15 Jun 2011
1672-v1 Sustainable Acquisition Training - PDF of online presentation Amber Kenney Environmental
Environmental Protection
27 Apr 2011
838-v3 How to ITNA Amber Kenney ESH Management
15 Oct 2010
169-v1 Industrial Ergonomics [FN000297/CR/02] Amber Kenney Reference Material
25 Jun 2009
467-v1 GC NEPA Review Process Improvements Amber Kenney NEPA
24 Jun 2009
270-v1 Bldg. Manager Training Development Amber Kenney TRAIN
01 Jun 2009

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