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Joel Kofron of Fermilab is listed as an author on the most recent version of the following documents:
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ESH-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
3241-v34 Radiological Worker Practical Factors Training Materials Don Cossairt et al. Radiation Protection
10 Feb 2021
5442-v11 Inclusion Matters 2020 Course List Joel Kofron Reference Material
11 Jun 2020
5623-v1 Generational Worksheet Joel Kofron Reference Material
21 Apr 2020
5620-v1 Allyship & Bystander Intervention Workshop [FN000664/CR] Joel Kofron Reference Material
20 Apr 2020
5439-v2 Inclusion Matters 2020 Calendar Joel Kofron Reference Material
07 Feb 2020
4840-v6 Inclusion Matters: Unpacking Bias. Building Inclusion [FN000608] Joel Kofron Reference Material
28 Jun 2019
1807-v4 FESHM Chapter 2070 Form: New Transferring Employee Orientation Checklist Joel Kofron FESHM
15 May 2019
4023-v7 2019 Calendar - Vendor Supplied Training Joel Kofron Other
16 Jan 2019
3150-v2 Forklift Operator Training (CR) [FN000014] Joel Kofron Reference Material
18 Sep 2018
4026-v1 Vendor Training Courses Joel Kofron Other
16 Feb 2018
353-v13 FESHM Chapter 2070 - ESH Training Program FINAL Joel Kofron FESHM
Fermilab ES&H Committee
05 Feb 2018
3855-v1 ESHQ-TR-10 How to setup a class in TRAIN Procedure Joel Kofron Training Procedures
16 Nov 2017
2533-v2 FESHM Chapter 2070 Form: Revocation of Training Qualifications Joel Kofron FESHM
30 May 2017
3489-v1 Supervisor of Summer and Co-Op Students [FN000309/CR/01] Joel Kofron Reference Material
03 May 2017
1883-v5 ESH&Q New Course Number Form Joel Kofron Forms
15 Feb 2017
3325-v1 HIPAA Privacy Training Joel Kofron Lesson Plans
11 Nov 2016
3259-v2 AED Information Sheet Joel Kofron Reference Material
08 Jun 2016
3076-v2 Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Supervisors [FN000518/CR/01] Joel Kofron Reference Material
12 May 2015
2290-v5 Training FAQ's Joel Kofron TRAIN
05 Mar 2015
1742-v7 Training Contacts Joel Kofron Other
25 Feb 2015
1059-v2 Fermilab ES&H Handbook Joel Kofron Industrial Safety
Safety & IH
Reference Material
30 Apr 2014
2745-v1 ESH&Q Resources Joel Kofron Lesson Plans
07 Apr 2014
2298-v1 TRAIN Data Entry Procedures Joel Kofron TRAIN
20 Dec 2012
1100-v1 TRAIN Data Entry Procedure Joel Kofron TRAIN
05 May 2010

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