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ESH-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
5557-v1 Ergo tips from Savannah River Site The Other Ergonomics
03 Apr 2020
5502-v2 Purchase requisition guidance Katie Swanson et al. Industrial Safety
Industrial Hygiene
02 Apr 2020
1262-v2 FRCM: RP Form #006 - Dosimetry Badge Information Susan McGimpsey Dosimetry Program
02 Apr 2020
1543-v139 ES&H Section Org Chart Suzanne M Weber ESH Management
02 Apr 2020
5554-v1 Dosimetry Program General Information Michael Vincent Dosimetry Program
02 Apr 2020
5551-v1 Obtaining a Temporary Dosimetry Badge Michael Vincent Dosimetry Program
02 Apr 2020
5540-v5 FESHM 10200 - Lift Plans -FINAL Angela Aparicio FESHM
02 Apr 2020
871-v7 Electrical Safety Subcommittee Determinations Rafael Coll et al. Electrical Safety
Electrical Safety Subcommittee
Worker Safety Technical Notes
02 Apr 2020
5486-v1 COVID19 Amber Kenney Emergency Management
02 Apr 2020
5545-v1 FESHM 10200 Lift Plan Permit Angela Aparicio FESHM
01 Apr 2020
534-v16 FESHM Chapter 4130 - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) FINAL Tom Gibbs FESHM
01 Apr 2020
5543-v1 Fermilab Occupational Radiation Exposure Report for Calendar Year 2019 Michael Vincent Dosimetry Program
31 Mar 2020
403-v7 FESHM Chapter 6011 - Periodic Testing of Emergency and Exit Lights FINAL James Niehoff FESHM
Fire Hazard Subcommittee
31 Mar 2020
404-v8 FESHM Chapter 6012 - Periodic Inspection of Fire Doors FINAL James Niehoff FESHM
Fire Hazard Subcommittee
31 Mar 2020
5538-v1 COVID 19 EPA Response Amy L. Pavnica Environmental
Waste Management
30 Mar 2020
103-v1 NPDES Permit IL0026123 Katie Swanson Permits (includes NESHAPS)
23 May 2011
3040-v2 Annual Hazardous Waste Reports to IEPA Amy L. Pavnica Waste Management
27 Mar 2020
4915-v4 Utah Dept. of Env. Quality/Div of Waste Management & Rad. Control Amy L. Pavnica Environmental
27 Mar 2020
3388-v5 Fire Department Shift Responsibilities Suzanne M Weber Fire Department
26 Mar 2020
5518-v3 COVID-19 ES&H tips Angela Aparicio et al. Safety & IH
25 Mar 2020
1481-v5 Fermilab Site Sustainability Plan Eric Mieland Environmental Assessments
24 Mar 2020
5511-v2 QAM 12110 - Human Performance Improvement -Draft David Baird QAM (Quality Assurance Manual)
Quality Assurance
20 Mar 2020
3524-v7 IARC Heavy Assembly Building Hazard Awareness Training Handout [FN000554] Mike Geelhoed Lesson Plans
19 Mar 2020
5508-v1 QAM 12100 - Incoming Inspection and Acceptance - DRAFT Jemila Adetunji et al. QAM (Quality Assurance Manual)
Quality Assurance
17 Mar 2020

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