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ESH-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
1543-v142 ES&H Section Org Chart Amber Kenney ESH Management
28 Aug 2020
1788-v16 ISO/OHSAS Compliance Crosswalks to FNAL Policy Bridget Iverson et al. ISO 14001
OHSAS 18001
24 Jun 2020
1137-v2 Summer Student Memos Nancy Grossman ESH&Q Administration
26 Jan 2011
371-v14 FESHM Chapters 5033 - Vacuum Vessel Safety FINAL Michael White Cryogenic Safety Subcommittee
03 Jun 2020
871-v7 Electrical Safety Subcommittee Determinations Rafael Coll et al. Electrical Safety
Electrical Safety Subcommittee
Worker Safety Technical Notes
02 Apr 2020
3846-v7 RSO & DSO Coverage & Contact Information John Anderson et al. Radiation Protection
ESH&Q Section (Includes Admin)
12 Mar 2020
4032-v5 FRCM: RP Form #113 - Preliminary Hazard Assessment Checklist for Deuterium-Based Neutron Generators John Anderson et al. Radiation Protection
26 Feb 2020
362-v17 FESHM 5031.1 - Piping Systems (Work Smarts Standard) FINAL Michael Geynisman et al. Mechanical Safety Subcommittee
16 Aug 2019
1058-v2 RP Notes Don Cossairt Radiation Protection
10 Aug 2010
4005-v2 Safety Procedures James Niehoff Safety & IH
11 Mar 2019
357-v9 FESHM 10110 - Below-The-Hook Lifting Devices FINAL Mike Bonkalski et al. Mechanical Safety Subcommittee
11 Oct 2018
456-v10 FESHM Chapter 5031 - Pressure Vessels (Work Smart Standard) FINAL Roger Rabehl Mechanical Safety Subcommittee
01 Feb 2018
526-v11 FESHM Chapter 3010: Significant and Reportable Occurrences (Work Smart Standard) FINAL Angela Aparicio FESHM
Fermilab ES&H Committee
31 Jan 2018
372-v11 FESHM Chapter 5033.1 - Vacuum Window Safety (Work Smarts Standard) FINAL Christine Ader Mechanical Safety Subcommittee
31 Jan 2018
3094-v2 Reference Documents on Non-Occupational Ionizing Radiation Don Cossairt et al. Radiation Protection
20 Nov 2015
1355-v1 Fermilab Corrective & Preventive Action Plan (CAP) for ES&H Radiation Protection Group John B. Dawson ESH Management
Quality Assurance and Assessments
Quality Assurance
23 Apr 2014
119-v46 **DO NOT USE** ESH&Q Section Org. Chart - HISTORICAL ONLY - USE 1543 Martha Michels ESH Management
14 Jan 2014
1985-v1 FESS Village Gas Utilitiy Breach Photos Mike Bonkalski Subcontractor Safety Subcommittee
Facility Engineering Services Section
Lessons Learned
01 Feb 2012
1343-v1 Recommendation of D&D Certification of NS8 Don Cossairt Radiation Field Characterization
Radiation Protection
DOE Waste Management Programs
Fermilab ES&H Committee - Schedule
ESH Tools
Decontamination and Decommissioning
Accelerator Division
Facilities Containing Radioactive Matls.
06 Aug 2010
1576-v1 MOU_T-1011_01192011 John B. Dawson Accelerator Safety Program
Accelerator Division
Particle Physics Division
20 Jan 2011

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