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ESH-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
3217-v20 Silica Guidance Table James Niehoff Safety
Industrial Hygiene
Safety & IH
Occupational Injury/Illness
16 Jul 2020
459-v20 FESHM 3020 - Incident Investigation and Analysis FINAL Bridget Iverson Safety
Incident Prevention Subcommittee
Industrial Safety
Fermilab ES&H Committee
26 Jun 2020
5502-v2 Purchase requisition guidance Katie Swanson et al. NEPA
Industrial Hygiene
Industrial Safety
02 Apr 2020
3846-v7 RSO & DSO Coverage & Contact Information John Anderson et al. Safety
Radiation Protection
ESH&Q Section (Includes Admin)
12 Mar 2020
5361-v1 Tevatron 13.8kV Individual Disconnect/Breaker Configuration Control Form John Anderson Safety
Accelerator Division
Electrical Safety
21 Nov 2019
5223-v1 FESS Work PPlanning and Control Assessment Jon Ylinen Safety
Industrial Safety
Facility Engineering Services Section
26 Jul 2019
4005-v2 Safety Procedures James Niehoff Safety
Safety & IH
11 Mar 2019
1664-v4 Personnel Responsibilities Regarding Emergencies, Injuries/Illness and Working Alone Nancy Grossman et al. Procedures (Adm)
ESH Management
ESH&Q Section (Includes Admin)
14 Jan 2019
4573-v0 RPS Procedure 001 APPROVED ACCELERATOR BEAM INTENSITY OPERATING LIMITS Matt Quinn Radiation Safety Assessments
Radiation Protection
Radiation Protection
05 Sep 2018
4495-v1 MicroBooNE UV laser calibration system: Normal Operations Training [FN000601] Matt Quinn Procedures
31 Jul 2018
4244-v1 2018 Open Burn Fire Training Permit Teri Dykhuis Environmental Protection
01 May 2018
4241-v1 2018 Open Burn Prairie Management Permit Teri Dykhuis Environmental Protection
01 May 2018
3177-v2 Battery Recycling Guidance Dave Hockin Procedures (Env)
Environmental Protection
31 Oct 2017
3077-v6 Lectora License Numbers Nicole Gee ESH&Q Administration
ESH&Q Section (Includes Admin)
23 May 2017
3174-v1 Confined Space Implementation Plans Rob Bushek Safety
Industrial Hygiene
05 Jan 2016
3089-v1 1 Main Ring Service Buildings E2 and E3 Demolition NEPA-CX Approved April CY2015 Michael Weis Accelerator Division
Environmental Protection Subcommittee
15 Jun 2015
1059-v2 Fermilab ES&H Handbook Joel Kofron Safety
Reference Material
Safety & IH
Industrial Safety
30 Apr 2014
2616-v1 Alarm Sounds Angela Aparicio Safety
Emergency Management
ESH Tools
31 Oct 2013
1344-v2 Subcontractor and GERT Training Documentation Martha Michels Safety
ESH&Q Section (Includes Admin)
16 May 2012
1343-v1 Recommendation of D&D Certification of NS8 Don Cossairt DOE Waste Management Programs
Decontamination and Decommissioning
Accelerator Division
Facilities Containing Radioactive Matls.
Radiation Protection
Fermilab ES&H Committee - Schedule
Radiation Field Characterization
ESH Tools
06 Aug 2010
1138-v1 1 MINERvA Test Beam Detector Project NEPA-CX Approval June CY2010 Mark Bollinger NEPA
Fermi Site Office
Fermilab ES&H Committee
Particle Physics Division
16 Mar 2011

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