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ESH-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
2598-v13 Fermilab Quality Tool Suite Guide Mary Curtis Quality Assurance
23 Mar 2021
6392-v3 AD Cryogenic Handling Self-Assessment Eric McHugh Accelerator Division
QA Self Assessments
02 Feb 2021
6218-v1 Emergency Services & Preparedness (ESP) Self-Assessment 2020 James Niehoff Security Policies and Procedures
Emergency Management
Communications Center
Fire Department
20 Jan 2021
2689-v12 QAM 12080 - Fermilab Assessment Program - FINAL Mary Curtis Quality Assurance Subcommittee
QAM (Quality Assurance Manual)
12 Jan 2021
543-v11 FESHM Chapter 1010.1 - ES&H Self Assessment Program FINAL TJ Sarlina FESHM
11 Feb 2014
5250-v2 FY20 Tripartite Assessment Schedule & Reports Jemila Adetunji Contractor Assurance
Tripartite Audits
27 Aug 2019
6049-v1 Self-assessment FY2020: Fall Protection Inspection Process Angela Aparicio et al. QA Self Assessments
08 Sep 2020
5660-v1 Fermilab Quality Tool Suite (FQTS) - TEST Document David Baird et al. Lessons Learned
Quality Assurance
Training Procedures
08 May 2020
5221-v1 DOE EA Work Planning and Control Assessment 2019 Eric McHugh DOE Assessments
10 Jul 2019
5001-v1 Materials/Equipment Storage Assessment Teri Dykhuis ESH Management
12 Mar 2019
3843-v1 Research Division Incremental Shielding Assessment Methodology William S. Higgins et al. Shielding Assessments
14 Nov 2017
3581-v1 2017 Operational Readiness Clearance Tripartite Eric McHugh Tripartite Audits
10 Jul 2017
2877-v1 FESHM Chapter 4130 Form PPE Hazard Assessment Checklist David Baird FESHM
20 Feb 2017
1247-v2 FESHM Chapter 4120 Form: Pre-Assessment Questionnaire (Part 1 & 2) Bridget Iverson FESHM
20 Feb 2017
3360-v1 FESHM Chapter 2010 Form: Safety Assessment Document/Accelerator Readiness Review Form Don Cossairt FESHM
02 Feb 2017
3344-v1 Fugitive Dust Emissions Management Self Assessment Teri Dykhuis Environmental Assessments
Facility Engineering Services Section
19 Jan 2017
3349-v1 Accelerator Division Brazing Practices Self-Assessment Allan Sondgeroth Accelerator Safety Assessment Documents
Accelerator Division
Quality Assurance
17 Jan 2017
3106-v1 SSO Goal 2015 VMS Visual Media Services Material Handling Assessment Tom Gibbs Fermilab
Senior Safety Officer Subcommittee
12 Aug 2015
3008-v3 Main Injector Cable Abatement QA Assessment John Anderson et al. Accelerator Safety Assessment Documents
Accelerator Division
Lessons Learned
Electrical Safety
29 Dec 2014
2717-v1 Archaeological and Architectural Assessment of Historic Properties within the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Batavia Township, Kane County and Winfield Township, DuPage County, IL Teri Dykhuis Environmental Protection Subcommittee
26 Feb 2014
1845-v1 1 NuMI Hydraulic Head Assessment and Reduction NEPA-CX Approval October CY2011 Michael Weis NEPA
06 Oct 2011
1719-v1 SC-FSO NEPA Program Assessment DRAFT Report Michael Weis Environmental Protection Subcommittee
DOE Assessments
25 May 2011
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Fermilab At Work
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