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FESHM Chapter 8031 - Oil Pollution Prevention FINAL

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FESHM Chapter 8031 – Oil Pollution Prevention is a new chapter which describes Fermilab’s Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plan that complies with 40 CFR 112 – Oil Pollution Prevention. The SPCC Plan is a written plan that describes Fermilab’s oil pollution risks, means of oil pollution prevention, and procedures for control and mitigation of oil spills. In compliance with the SPCC Plan, FESHM 8031 requires that all oil sources of 55 gallons or greater be in secondary containment. That includes bulk storage containers such as 55 gallon drums as well as oil-filled equipment like transformers.

The appendix contains two procedures that are a part of the SPCC Plan. One is a monthly inspection procedure of all bulk storage containers and all oil-filled equipment that does not meet the secondary containment or environmental equivalent requirements*. The other procedure describes the inspection of contained precipitation prior to draining diked areas. Both procedures have accompanying documentation that must be filed in the appropriate D/S/C’s ES&H office.

*The oil-filled equipment that does not meet the secondary containment requirements are the transformers near Indian creek without secondary containment or with questionable secondary containment.

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