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FESHM Chapter 5062.2 - Static Magnetic Fields FINAL

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Jody Federwitz
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03 Aug 2009, 15:32
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24 Nov 2010, 14:20
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24 Nov 2010, 14:20
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FESHM 5062.2 was revised because it was time for a five-year review. Since the last update, knowledge of biological effects from static magnetic fields has greatly improved. The suspected low-level hazard of magnetic field exposure has been largely confirmed and limits have been revised upward. However, this change does not affect Fermilab since the DOE worker safety and health rule locks us into the 2005 version of the ACGIH TLVs. Here is a summary of changes.

• Most of the text was rewritten to reflect improved knowledge of the biological effects from magnetic fields and to align the format with that of other industrial hygiene chapters.
• The exposure limits are unchanged and are set equal to the 2005 ACGIH TLVs. However, the concept of voluntary action levels (previously set at one-half the exposure limits) has been eliminated. This was done in recognition that prior conservatism is inappropriate. In fact, the 2010 TLVs are significantly greater than the 2005 TLVs. A copy of the former is included in the technical appendix.
• Increased flexibility is allowed for the detailed layout of magnetic field warning signs. This is a better fit with our practice since the last update.

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